Exhibitor Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions

2019 North West Business & Hospitality Show
  1. Definitions
  2. “The Exhibition” means the 2019 North West Business & Hospitality Show to be held on 27th & 28th February 2019 at the J36 Rural Auction House, Crooklands, Cumbria. LA7 7FP
  3. “The Organiser” shall mean Lakeland Activity Company
  • “The Exhibitor” means any company, firm or person who has ordered display space and been allocated display space at the Exhibition.
  1. “The Premises” can mean J36 Rural Auction House or such venue of the Exhibition of which the Exhibitor may subsequently be notified and includes the outside area to the perimeter fence/wall and includes all designated Car Parking areas.
  1. Booking and Allocation of Display Space
  2. Bookings will only be accepted on completion of the on line booking form, a contract will exist once this form has been completed
  3. Stand location will only be confirmed by the Organisers once the deposit has been received. A contract will exist once a booking has been made online. You will receive a stand number upon booking but please note that these numbers (not locations) may change due to other exhibitors booking multiple stands. Your final stand number will be confirmed to you in January 2018.
  • The Organiser will confirm receipt of payment once this has been made and an invoice for monies due depending on the time of the booking will be sent out (see Payment Terms below).
  1. If the deposit is not received by the Organiser within 10 working days of the booking request the Organiser may re-allocate the display space to another Exhibitor and the booking request shall be of no effect.
  2. Every effort will be made to allocate the display space which has been ordered, however, to facilitate an effective layout to the Exhibition and if the Organisers believes it to be in the best interest of the Exhibition, the Organiser reserves the right to make a display space reallocation at any time provided that the reallocation display space shall not be more than 10% greater or less than the display space that has been booked.
  3. The area allocated shall be the full extent of the floor space (footprint) display area available to the Exhibitor. Stands will not be allowed to extend further than their allotted area or encroach onto the walkway between stands.
  1. Stand Hire Payment Terms
  2. Exhibition display space will be hired in accordance with the Display Space Plan for each numbered stand, which includes the shell scheme as per relevant plans.
  3. Payment will be made in stages and those stages will fall due as follows:
    • 35% or £100 (whichever is the highest) of the full hire non refundable charge plus VAT on application
    • 65% or the difference of the full hire charge plus VAT due 31st December 2018
    • Early Bird discount rates will be available and, if applicable, will be classed as your non refundable deposit. Early Bird payments are to be for the full cost of the stand.
  • All bookings received after the 1st November 2018 must be accompanied by full payment.
  1. In the event that the Exhibitor fails to pay any sum due in time and manner agreed herein or in the event that the Exhibitor shall commit a serious or persistent breach of any of the other terms and conditions herein the Organiser may in writing determine the booking whereupon the Exhibitor shall be liable to pay a cancellation charge calculated as provided in Condition 20 below in such sum as would be due on a withdrawal at the date of the determination. Any payments outstanding 10 days prior to commencement of the exhibition will be deemed to be breach of contract. The organisers may re-let the stand space allocated without further notice to exhibitors.
  2. All charges and prices are quoted in £ Sterling. The rate of exchange in respect of funds transferred from overseas shall be that ruling at the date payment is made.


  1. Display Space and Display Arrangement
  1. For shell scheme stands a standard shell scheme package will be provided by the Organiser.
  2. Exhibits shall be arranged so as not to obstruct the general view or to hide the exhibits of others. No display exposing an unfinished surface to neighbouring stands will be permitted.
  3. If in the opinion of the Organiser the Exhibitor’s display extends beyond the allocated area the Organiser may at the Organiser’s sole discretion charge the Exhibitor for the extra display space occupied at the prevailing rate or required the Exhibitor to restrict its display to the allocated display space.
  4. Should any dispute arise as to the display space allocation or as to the extent of any extra display space deemed by the Organiser to be occupied by the Exhibitor beyond that allocated, the decision of the Organiser shall be final.
  5. The Organiser reserves the right to reallocate the Exhibitor if in the Organiser’s absolute discretion it is thought such reallocation is necessary in the best interests of the Exhibition.
  6. The Organiser and any other person either authorised by the Organiser or having an interest in the premises shall without notice be entitled to access at all reasonable times to any stand and for this purpose the Organiser shall be entitled to use such force as may be necessary without incurring any liability whatsoever to the Exhibitor.


  1. Use of Display Space
  1. The Exhibitor agrees not to assign or sublet any display space allocated without prior written consent from the Organiser not to display advertise goods or services other than those manufactured or carried by the Exhibitor in the normal course of business.
  2. Sales by auction are prohibited.


  1. Exhibitor Appointed Representative
  1. The Exhibitor must name at least one person to be a representative in connection with the installation, operation and removal of his exhibits.
  2. The Person or persons so appointed shall be deemed to be authorised to enter into such agreements with the Organiser as may be necessary on behalf of the Exhibitor.


  1. Requirements of Superior Authorities
  1. The Exhibitor shall at once comply with any requirements imposed on the Organiser by any Municipal or any other regulatory on written notice of such being given to the Exhibitor by the Organiser.
  2. The Exhibitor will inform the Exhibition Organisers of the presence of all inflammable materials which must be fireproofed or otherwise protected against fire in accordance with any statutory or local regulations or requirements to which the Exhibition may be subject
  1. Electric Lighting and Power
  1. The cost of the exhibition stand does not include any power or lighting provision. Any power sockets or lighting that are required must be pre-ordered and all power usage will be metered and must be paid for after the event. Requirements for any power other than a standard 50w socket will incur installation costs.
  2. Official contractors are appointed by the Organiser for electrical work on all display spaces. Any extra work undertaken by contractors for display spaces over and above what is included in the cost of exhibiting will be charged to the stand holder.
  3. A device may be illuminated but lighting must be still, not flashing, and any direct light there from the stand shall be screened in such a way to avoid causing nuisance or discomfort to visitors and other Exhibitors.
  4. Electrical installations on display spaces or other exhibits shall comply with any and all statutory or local regulations or requirements to which the Exhibition may be subject.


  1. Height Limitations
  2. The height limit on display spaces, displays or other items is 2.4 metres in the shaded area on the floor plan (the front half of the room, stands in the rear half of the room can be higher but only with the agreement of the Organiser.


  1. Music
  1. The Exhibitor must obtain the written consent of the Organiser for the playing of any musical instrument or recording at the Exhibition.
  2. The Exhibitor is responsible for obtaining the appropriate performing right licenses and the Organiser accepts no liability for any breaches of such licenses.
  3. Such music as is played must avoid causing nuisance or discomfort to visitors and other Exhibitors and in any complaint arising thereof. The decision of the Organiser shall be final.
  1. Notice & Material Pollution
  1. Exhibitors who wish to demonstrate working machinery must ensure that the noise, dust, liquids and any material, whether airborne or not, which are an integral part of, or result from, such a demonstration do not create a nuisance or discomfort to the visitors or other Exhibitors.
  2. In any complaint arising from the demonstration of equipment the decision of the Organiser shall be final.


  1. Exhibitor & Contractor Passes
  1. Only authorised access to the Exhibition areas is permitted, all Exhibitors and their personnel and all contractors will be issued with non-transferable passes. No admission to the Exhibition area will be allowed unless this pass is presented.
  2. The Organiser reserves the right to refuse admission to or remove from the Exhibition any person. In particular, but without restricting the generality of the forgoing, the Organiser shall have the right to remove any person who in the opinion of the Organiser is drunk or disorderly or under the influence of drugs or whose dress appearance or general behaviour is liable to disturb any Exhibitor or visitor attending the Exhibition (see also, Condition 14).
  1. Catering
  1. A Caterer will be in attendance selling a range of snacks, tea, coffee and soft drinks
  2. No wines or spirits may be brought into the Exhibition by the Exhibitor, its visitors, agents or servants or other persons for consumption on the premises except by prior agreement of the Exhibition Organiser, unless it is for use as part of the exhibition stand display or for use as part of hospitality to visiting clients.


  1. Undesirable Activities
  1. If it appears to the Organiser that the Exhibitor may be engaged in activities which are deemed to be contrary to the best interests of the Exhibition or which appear unethical or to be in breach of the law, the Organiser may, without being under any liability to refund or abate any charges paid or due herein, cancel any displace space allocation which may have been made to the Exhibitor the right to participate further in the Exhibition.
  2. Canvassing for orders accept by the Exhibitor on the Exhibitor’s own display space in the normal course of business is strictly prohibited and in any such case the right of expulsion will at once be exercised. The distribution of display of printed or other material except by the Exhibitor on the Exhibitor’s own display space is prohibited.


  1. Erection and Removal of Exhibits
  1. The venue will be available to exhibitors to set up their stands from 10.00 until 18.00 hours on Tuesday 26th February and from 8am until 9.30am on Wednesday 27th February.
  2. Dismantling will not be permitted until 16.00hrs and must be completed by 21.00 hours on the 27th February. No goods or material of any description are permitted to remain on the site after this time. All rubbish MUST be cleared from stands by the Exhibitors into the skips and bins provided. A charge will be imposed if any rubbish is left on a stand.
  3. No exhibits shall be packed, removed or dismantled prior to the closing of the Exhibition without written permission from the Organiser. If the Exhibitor acts in breach of the provision the Exhibitor shall pay, as compensation for the distraction to the Exhibition’s appearance and in addition to all other sums otherwise due under this agreement, an amount equal to one half of the total display charge for the Exhibitor’s allocated area.
  4. The Exhibitor will be liable for all storage, removal and handling charges incurred by the Organiser resulting from failure to remove all exhibits and display materials from the allocated area before noon on the Thursday following the show.
  5. The Exhibitor shall make good and indemnify the Organiser for any damage to the shell scheme or the premises by the Exhibitor, the Exhibitor’s agents, contractors or employees.


  1. Opening Hours / Erecting and Dismantling
  1. The Exhibition will be open to visitors at advertised stated times each day.
  2. The Exhibitor undertakes to have exhibits on display, in good order adequately attended and not covered up during these periods.


  1. Limitation of Liability
  1. The Organiser, the Organiser’s agents and employees shall not be liable for any loss, theft or damage to the Exhibitor’s property during the term of this agreement from any cause whatsoever.
  2. Information given by the Organiser about the Exhibition is accurate to the best of the Organiser’s knowledge but does not constitute any warranty or representation by the Organiser, and any mistake or omission does not entitle the Exhibitor to cancel any booking made.


  1. Indemnity
  1. The Exhibitor shall defend the Organiser from and indemnify against liability for injury to persons or property arising in connection with the participation in the Exhibition by the Exhibitor or their employees.
  2. The Exhibitor undertakes to indemnify and keep indemnified the Organiser against all actions, expenses, costs, charges or claims for which the Organiser or any of the Organiser’s contractors may become liable in consequence of damage or injury to any personal or other property occasioned by or arising out of the act, default or negligence of the Exhibitor, or their employees.


  1. Cancellation by The Exhibitor
  1. Once a display space allocation has been made in accordance with the Condition 2 above, any Exhibitor who subsequently decides for any reason to withdraw from the Exhibition or reduce the display space allocation made shall immediately inform the Organiser in writing by registered letter. Upon cancellation, which shall be deemed to the date the letter is registered, the Exhibitor shall be liable to pay the following cancellation charges:
    • withdrawal prior to 3 months from the commencement of the Exhibition – Loss of deposit
    • withdrawal 3 months or less prior to the commencement of the Exhibition – Full payment required
  1. In the event of the Exhibitor giving written notice at any time prior to the Exhibition of the intention not to take possession of the display space allocated, or in the event of failure by the Exhibitor to take possession of the display space 2 days prior to the opening of the Exhibition, the Organiser will have absolute discretion to deal with the display space as is thought fit without being under any liability to refund or abate any charges paid or due herein except as detailed above,
  2. In the event of the Exhibitor becoming bankrupt or making a composition with creditors or going into liquidation or being under any appointment of a receiver, the Organisers reserves the right to cancel any display space allocation without being under any liability to refund or abate any charges paid or due herein.


  1. Change of Location, Curtailment or Change of Date of Exhibition
  1. In the event that the premises shall, in sole determination of the Organiser, become unfit or unavailable for occupancy by reason of fire, flood, tempest, acts of God or as a result of government intervention, malicious damage, strike, lockout, labour dispute, picketing, injunction or riot for which the Organiser has no control or should the Organiser decide that it is necessary or advisable to curtail, relocate or change the date of the Exhibition or reduce the planned period for preparation, display or dismantling, the Organiser shall incur no liability for consequential loss, damage or expense howsoever caused or incurred.
  2. Under any of these circumstances the Organiser reserves the right to change the location and/or date of the Exhibition upon reasonable notice to the Exhibitor.


  1. Exhibition Cancellation

In the event that the Exhibition is cancelled as a result of the circumstances set out in Condition 20 above and the Organiser is unable to make reasonable alternative arrangements, the Organiser shall refund a minimum of 50% of all charges paid by the Exhibitor to the Organiser but shall be under no further liability to the Exhibitor for consequential loss, damage or expense howsoever caused or incurred.


  1. Insurance
  1. Third party claims. The Exhibitor is responsible for claims, actions or costs for personal injury and loss of or damage to property caused by or arising from the erection and dismantling of the Exhibitors stand and anything permitted, omitted or done thereon or thereof during the period of the Exhibition or the construction and dismantling periods, caused directly or indirectly by the Exhibitor or any contractor, sub-contractor, licensee or invitee of his or the act, omission of neglect of or by any such person or by any exhibit machinery or other article belonging to, or in the possession of, or used by the Exhibitor. The Exhibitor will indemnify the Organiser in respect of each and every claim, and all actions, proceedings costs, claims and demands in respect thereof. The Exhibitor must take out and maintain Public Liability Insurance providing a minimum indemnity of £5m for the duration of the Exhibition including the construction and dismantling periods.
  2. The Organisers shall not be responsible for loss of or damage to exhibits or other property in the custody of the Exhibitor, his invitees or licensees howsoever caused. The Exhibitor must take out and maintain adequate insurance in respect for all such claims.
  3. Loss of expenses. Exhibitors must insure against cost and expenses which they may incur in the event of the Exhibition being abandoned, cancelled, postponed or curtailed in whole or part for causes outside the Organiser’s control since the Organisers accept no responsibility in such an eventuality.


  1. Car Parking
  2. Free on-site car parking will be available for exhibitors and visitors.
  3. The Organisers and their STEWARDS are deemed to be the sole authority on the allocation of Parking spaces both for unloading and loading and the allocation of spaces for reps car parking in areas sometimes away from the Trade Exhibition and Visitor car parking areas.   Exhibitors may be asked to remove their cars from the visitor car parking area to facilitate the easing of traffic flow.
  4. Law Applicable

The Terms & Conditions and any contract concluded herein will be governed by English Law.