After 2 years bringing together North West businesses, it has become clear that a 'traditional' style trade show, where the exhibitors sell and the visitors buy, is not necessarily the best way forward. For many years now we have seen changes in the ways that people like to do business, initially, people just want an introduction, at a trade show it is rare that you will get a contract signed or a large order taken, so why would an exhibitor pay anything from £400 + £1,000 to promote their business over 2 days, when all they are really going to get from it is an introduction, and a chance to arrange a meeting in the future.
With this in mind, we are now concentrating our efforts on a platform that has far better opportunities for all businesses. In March this year we launched Cumbriashare, which brings together Cumbrian based businesses throughout the year. It is FREE to join and full memberships are from £149 + VAT. This platform is far better value for money for everyone, so please visit the website via the link below and see the new way to do business in the region.
Cumbriashare works for you 12 months of the year, not just 2 days, and will promote your business within it's membership structure, and online via it's social media followers.
We have had a fantastic 2 years working on the show, but now we have something far better for you....

Try a new way of doing business.....