Come and join us on the 27th & 28th February 2019!!

Thank you to everyone who supported and attended this year's show. We are now open for bookings for the 2019 event which is being held on the 27th & 28th February.

After several conversations with Show Sponsors, Event Support Partners and a selection of last year's exhibitors, we have decided to expand the show for 2019. It became apparent last year that by calling the show a 'Hospitality' event, we were restricting the number of businesses that could be involved. Only 10% of last year's exhibitors are hospitality only businesses, so the other 90%, who work with hospitality and non-hospitality customers, were not necessarily getting the maximum potential out of the event. With this in mind, we have now changed the name to the North West Business & Hospitality Show, still concentrating on the hospitality element that we grew so well last year, but now also adding a non-hospitality based element to the show, to help businesses who are not totally hospitality based.

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